Healthcare Delivery at its Finest.

We are Better Together

LifeHope Medical is comprised of an expanding network of medical services and practices provided in partnership with the area’s leading healthcare providers. Service delivery is guided by the compassionate vision of its parent company, LifeHope, dedicated to creating a transformative environment and patient experience that will enhance the quality of care patients receive. Accessible at convenient locations throughout the greater Atlanta area in state-of-the-art facilities maintained by sister company, Richmond Honan, LifeHope Medical currently provides concierge physician care, med spa, weight loss and anti-aging, physical rehabilitation, hair restoration, interventional radiology, diagnostic imaging, pain management and laboratory services.

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Our Mission

To nurture and develop a growing network of partnerships with leading healthcare providers and state-of-the-art health and wellness facilities and services dedicated to providing superior care and enhancing the quality of life for patients throughout the greater Atlanta area and beyond.

Our Vision

Our focus for the future is continuous growth consistent with our guiding principles as we expand our ability to deliver innovative, patient-centric services in collaboration with our partners, and solidify our reputation as one of the nation’s most respected and admired healthcare networks.

Our Core Values

Our values are built on a foundation of faith, hope and love – faith in God, hope for tomorrow and love for those we serve and work with. Specifically, these values encompass:

Wholeness – We believe wellness is achieved by treating a patient’s whole person, including their intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual needs, as well as their physical needs.

Respect – We show high regard for the opinions of others and honor the rights of patients and their families to privacy, confidentiality, and timely and accurate information.

Integrity – We strive to be open and honest with patients, families and coworkers, follow through on our commitments, and hold ourselves accountable for everything we do.

Excellence – Our goal is providing the highest quality in clinical care and services that meet and exceed expectations and attract the highest caliber professionals to join our team.

Compassion – We show compassion by listening to and relating to patients as individuals, recognizing their relationship, lifestyle and cultural needs, and engaging them in their own care.